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A tune breaks away from its confined structure and goes for a trip.
A melody starts its long trek and is joined by more of itself as a large and long round develops. The round hangs on as the tune goes from forwards to backwards, then upside down before righting itself again and heads home. All the while, the rest follow diligently.
An improvisation caught on midi then moved further, spending about 14 hours on its orchestration with about two or three note changes and a slight elongation of a bar from 4/4 to 6/4 to satisfy the listening experience.
A description of erotic discovery along with the beauty and nervousness of intimacy. On manuscript, with 8va, 15ma and 8vb notation, the 19 notes used resemble a kiss



Lacrimosas 1 & 5 bookend Intericon and Other Compositions. I did five versions for a short film's title sequence and incidentals.

Theme In F minor
When I wrote this piece it came instantly but I was sure I had heard it before. To get it out of my system it had to be written. A short while later I found a scrap of music shorthand I had scribbled out when leaving a cashpoint two years previously and there it was.

Land in Vision
An improvisation. Listen for the recurring, rising signature theme before the improvisation wanders off somewhere else.

And You?
A story is told repeatedly to whoever will listen. Though the story is ever optimistic, the response varies from agreement, shyness, pessimism, defence and other sentiments to something that leaves the storyteller speechless . . . till the next time!



Described as strange, beautiful, inspirational, balm to the soul,* Intericon and Other Compositions is now available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody and many other sites.

Browse Intericon and Other Compositions and take your mind on a journey.


Listen to Samples:

        Lacrimosa 1     Theme in F minor     Land in Vision     And You?    Up    Harmonolith    AuRa    Intericon    Lacrimosa 5

*GUESTBOOK COMMENTS - Intericon Exhibition, Exeter Cathedral Chapter House, July 2004

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