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The session begins with 15 seconds of soft cascading bells to allow you to get yourself prepared after turning on the track. You will then hear a bell chime four times for you to finish getting ready.

There will be four phased sounds for you to get your breathing pace - breathe in at the first, out at the second, in at the third, out at the fourth. The session then begins with pulse 1 (breathe in) and pulse 2 (breathe out).

The breathing pace will then slow till you are deep breathing. The deep breathing is designed to be that of normal sleep so that your body gets a good intake of oxygen and relaxes you without becoming giddy.

After the preliminary sounds, the Power Nap lasts 10 minutes, the other sessions are 20 or 30 minutes depending on your choice. Coming toward the end you will hear a gently building pedal wave and a tap sound announces the final breath of the session. There is a further 15 seconds of silence for you to gather yourself.



Away with the sounds of nature and whale song, this is straightforward carefully constructed electronic sound pulses for you to concentrate on breathing during a mediation or relaxation session. Unlike a metronome, the pulses start off at your 'normal' breathing rate and slow till you are deep breathing in a matter of about 3 minutes.

There is the 30 minute session (Session 30)

20 minute session (Session 20) and ...

The 10 minute Power Nap will give you a Power Boost through the day. Having been a sufferer of painful fatigue for many years - I often write off hours in the day  - with this I am back on my feet and fresh within 15 minutes. You do not need to sleep during the Power Nap.


The Power Nap session is AMAZING!



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